Friday, June 22, 2012

Dutch Court Orders Apple to Pay Damages to Samsung

Apple vs. Samsung

A Dutch court has ordered Apple to pay damages to its primary competitor, Samsung Electronics, over infringements of patents, related to the way tablets and PCs connect to the internet, which were held by Samsung.

The actual amount of damages has so far, not been calculated but it would depend upon the number of iPads and iPhones sold in Netherlands.

Samsung has welcomed the ruling. In an emailed statement, the South Korean manufacturer said that “"In accordance with the ruling, we will seek adequate compensation for the damages Apple and its products have caused."

Samsung had originally claimed that Apple had infringed four of its patents, but the court has decided that only one was breached.


This is just one of the dozens of cases Apple and Samsung are fighting in the courts of various countries. Industry analysts are hoping that these two companies would come to an “amicable solution” rather than waste millions of dollars in fighting with each other. Mr. Manoj Menon of Frost & Sullivan thinks that the current court ruling will, hopefully, put pressure on both parties to find a solution.

Last month, a court in US ordered the chiefs of both of these firms to meet to reconcile their differences but so far, the discussions haven’t led to any settlement.

Apple’s Australia Case

In a separate case, Apple was recently fined $2.3mn by an Australian court over the claims it made of iPad’s 4G capabilities. The court found that Apple had wrongfully claimed that iPad could connect with networks. "The conduct concerned was deliberate and very serious," said Justice Mordy Bromberg. 

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