Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boeing beats Airbus at UK air show

Boeing signs $14.7 billion deal with United Airlines.

The Farnborough Airshow held in England ended on a positive note for Boeing as the company was able to secure an impressive $14.7 billion order from United Airlines for 150 aircraft.


This is significant development as Airbus, its main competitor, had earlier announced its plans for building the company’s first plant on US territory in Mobile, Alabama.

Boeing 737Max

The details of the deal were officially announced on Thursday at United Airlines headquarters in Chicago.

With the new order, Boeing has reaffirmed its foothold in the North American region, of which it is already a market leader. On Wednesday, Boeing had announced another order from Avolon for approximately another 100 aircrafts. Nearly 200 aircraft orders received by the company are for its fuel efficient narrow body 737 Max.

Besides this, Boeing was also able to secure around $21 billion of orders while Airbus could secure deals of $17 billion.
Airbus A320neo

Boeing’s 737 Max is facing tough competition from A320 neo, Airbus’s reply to Boeing fuel efficient next generation jets. So far, Airbus has secured more than 1400 orders for A320 neo while Boeing has received 649 orders for 737 Max.

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